Our warmest welcome to scrappers who are looking to relax and scrap the night away!  You found the right place!

Welcome to the singing sands of glorious Lake Michigan!  Wade Inn is a six bedroom home nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan waiting for your scrapping experience.  Located at 103 Beachwalk Lane in Michigan City, Indiana, Wade Inn is only about an hour away from Chicago.  Wade Inn offers the flexibility of being a self catered home so that you may choose how to do the meals.  Catering and spa services can be arranged if desired.

This scrapping home is an ideal getaway for scrappers as they relax and scrap the time away in the scrapping den.  The scrapping den is a room dedicated entirely to scrapbooking and is set up to accommodate 12 scrapbookers comfortably.  Please contact us for more information about the home and the area.